The Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit is the largest annual gather of marketing communications professionals in the greater DC region. It brings together over 400 hundred professionals from Brands, Associations and Non-Profits to discuss high-level issues through a series of panels, keynotes, presentations, exhibits, and networking.

The summit is co-produced by two of the most respected news organizations in the region: Potomac Tech Wire, the region’s source for technology news; and Capitol Communicator, the region’s source for marketing and communications news.

The Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit features leaders from both top and emerging Brands plus some of the best marketing and communications minds in the region. Themes focus on the latest ideas, technologies and trends in the ever-changing world of marketing. Topics include: CMO challenges, sales and marketing integration, social media, SEO, marketing automation, content, email marketing, Design/UX, and much more.

You should attend if you are a CMO, brand marketer, marketing executive, public relations professional, entrepreneur, investor, technologist, creative director, media planner or publisher.

The Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit will be a part of the MAC Summit on October 22 & 23, 2020.