Preparing for Increasing Demand for Personalized Web Experiences

The Vault November 10, 2021 3:10 pm - 3:55 pm

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Chad Capellman
Dan Katz

A recent Gartner survey shows that 81 percent of marketing leaders say they expect to be competing mostly or completely based on customer experience. The problem? These audiences are increasingly difficult to please. Many not only expect but demand contextualized interactions, seamless experiences across channels and anytime, anywhere access to content and services.

Fortunately, rapidly maturing web personalization processes and platforms may provide a way to respond to these increasingly demanding audiences. This session will focus on web personalization, and the presenters will address fundamental questions like: What is personalization? How does it work? What is it going to mean to my audiences? How can I get ready for it?

Unleashed Senior Solutions Architect Chad Capellman and Acquia Senior Manager Pre-Sales and Demo Engineer Dan Katz will explore how personalization technologies empower your organization to deliver tailored experiences across any channel or device. Through customer data, they empower your teams to create truly 1:1 experiences that cater to your audience’s specific wants and needs.

To maximize the value and benefit of personalization, the session will also cover the strategic work that must be done to prepare for personalization. Taking a crawl/walk/run approach, you will learn what strategy, critical thinking, assets, and resources are needed to set the stage for meaningful customer experiences.

When combined with innovative web technology, the results will drive engagement, conversions, and customer loyalty with data by better understanding your site visitors.